Focuses on organizing workshops, miniconsultations, lectures, music- and (theme) nights.
In our day programs, we work exclusively with experienced and qualified coaches who will professionally guide you to self-improvement and to build up more self-confidence.
The workshops and consults will be divided into small groups and are fully catered for with healthy juices, beverages and a vegan lunch.

SuTierra Events

Focuses on (theme) nights with a variety of Live-music, Live streaming, and Flow Arts such as ‘Soulfire Netherlands’ (&UK) and DJ sets who will be turned by domestic and international DJ’s.
The genres are primarily based on; Underground, Progressive house, Psy, Deeptech, Techno and Latin house.
Our goal is to build up an international network to bring people together through a combination of healing, positivity, dance and music.


Vera van Dongen

Owner and founder of SuTierra and SuTierra events

From 2001 I am certified and active in the field of Orthomolecular nutrition and nutritional supplements. In October 2016, I made the decision to start pushing my boundaries and to start chasing my dreams and goals. Over the course of years i had the necessity in discovering more of the world and to gain more social contacts. Subsequently i started to converse with several coaches, entrepreneurs and organizers and came up with the thought to bring our ideas together and to start an international cooperation. By merging different programs a platform arose with various day and evening programs, healings, workshops, fashion & accessories, music programs, live acts and events in various genres. Through offering these combinations i want to bring back the feeling of freedom by bringing people together. I want to provide an opportunity for the public, the coaches, artists and DJ’s to inspire each other and to be able to network in a positive, respectful and harmonious atmosphere.



ACU yoga is a Western name for the Japanese Do-In System. Exercises are bundled in acupressure and yoga. It lowers muscle tension and balances vital life energy of the body. In acupressure, this is done via pressure points on the meridians. With yoga it’s done by postures and breath control.


This device stimulates specific cells of the immune system. It repairs damaged and weakened cells it will increase the energy production and it will balance chakra’s.


Angel cards, power of the animals, Goddesses Oracle cards, Tarot, I Ching and Geomancy.


Flow Arts consists of body movements using the following combinations; Hoolahoop, Poi, Staff, Fans and many other items. The workshops usually last up to an hour and are given by very experienced artists and teachers. The usual groups can vary from 6 to 25 people per class. The workshops are intended to help you improve the coordination and reflexes of the body. This will be beneficial to build up damaged muscles and connective tissue. In addition, it helps you to make contact with your inner-self and get in contact with your surroundings.


This is a massage of the body where relaxation is the central aim. It is a comprehensive and professional massage of the whole body. Skin and muscles relax through soft to firm kneading, rubbing and frictions. This allows for better breathing, improved circulation and better drainage of waste.


Seat massage is a pressure point massage of neck, shoulders, arms, hands and back. With this massage you don’t need to remove any clothes, you just sit upright on the specifically developed massage Chair. This promotes blood circulation and stimulation of the nervous system. This also allows the forming of new energy for the body and mind.




The organisation from 'SuTierra events' is not liable for damage, loss or theft of goods and/or personal belongings. Access may be refused in case of agression or misconduct.
It is not allowed to use weapons, sharp objects or any hard drugs.



Email: info@www.sutierra.com
Chamber of Commerce number: 67889174
TAX-number: 186665179B01